Falcon S ski helmet

Completely matte black with burgundy interior

Our Falcon S is completely black and matt carbon. Burgundy “velvet touch” interior.

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Our expertise

Our helmets are stitched, sewn, assembled and assembled entirely by hand, which means that each helmet is almost unique, which is why some slight differences may appear between two helmets of the same model.

Supplied with a cotton storage bag.

  • Materials and fabrics

    Topstitching, sewing, assembly and assembly entirely by hand, REACH standard certified

Optimal comfort

  • Metal ventilation grilles

  • Helmet sheathing

    Weatherproof stitched PU leather

  • Inner lining

    Alcantara style 13 comfort cushions

Data sheet

  • Shell: 100% carbon 2.5mm, technology from aeronautics
  • Vents: injected ABS, varnished black finish
  • Screen support and mechanism: milled aluminum
  • Helmet cover: Weatherproof PU leather
  • Screen: Smoked CAT 3 magnetically interchangeable delivered with orange CAT 2 anti-fog screen
  • Nasal foam kit: Comes with 2 interchangeable sizes
  • Logos and press stud: metallic and glass head button
  • Shell: high security, ultra ventilated
  • Strap closure: Fidlock high security system
  • Materials and fabrics: stitching, sewing, assembly and assembly by hand, REACH standard certified