Aurak, creator of exceptional helmets and masks

For over a decade, our unwavering dedication to excellence has animated every gesture of our expert hands. This passion for excellence has flourished in fields as diverse as motorcycling and skiing. Today, it reaches its pinnacle in the design of luxury helmets, specially conceived for sports enthusiasts.

At Aurak, our philosophy is quite simple: blend safety with fashion, luxury with robustness. In our relentless quest for perfection, we carefully select the materials that bring our creations to life. Every product we offer is REACH-certified, thereby guaranteeing your safety as well as respect for the environment and our workers.

Our Alcantara-style microfiber interiors are meticulously hand-stitched to offer you optimal, uncompromising comfort. The full-grain leather straps, adorned with a button fastener, testify of our attention to detail.

Yet at Aurak, innovation is a fundamental principle. We're committed to offering you infallible safety without sacrificing style. With brushed metal or varnished ABS vents depending on the version, our helmets are on the cutting edge of technology.

Each Aurak helmet is designed like a treasure chest, with a thermoformed foam interior that moulds perfectly to the shape of your head, providing you with unrivalled comfort on the slopes.

Enhancing safety through our expertise in the world of motorcycling

Over and above simple standard tests, we have intensified the safety of our helmets by reinforcing the EPS thicknesses, while maintaining remarkable compactness. As a result, we can guarantee maximum protection, along with exceptional 360-degree ventilation. At Aurak, our helmets combine safety and aesthetics to perfection, offering you unforgettable experiences on the slopes.

With your safety at the heart of our concerns, we are committed to continuous innovation to offer you unparalleled protection.
Our equestrian helmets are characterised by an unique innovation: they incorporate a guilloche steel reinforcement piece to protect your occipital bone, a feature derived from motorcycle helmets that we are the only ones to offer.

Luxury & Elegance: haute couture and French design

Each AURAK helmet is designed with meticulous craftsmanship, embodying exceptional know-how. Designed in France by our creator Hugo Petit, a designer who has long worked for motorcycle equipment brands, every detail is carefully thought out to offer an incomparable experience and flawless safety. Carefully assembled at our facilities in France, our helmets reflect a deep commitment to Made in France.

We take particular care in selecting our suppliers, favoring noble materials such as full-grain Italian leather, renowned for its strength, softness and delicate feel. The interior of our helmets is lined with Alcantara-style microfiber fabric, guaranteeing optimum resistance to humidity. Our ventilators, for certain helmets, are handcrafted in metal with brushed, copper-plated or rose-gold finishes. Each material is carefully selected and REACH-certified to meet the most stringent safety and quality standards.

Our commitment to nature and people

At the heart of our brand philosophy lies a profound respect for people and nature. This commitment is reflected in our meticulous selection of materials and the choice of our assembly plant. We are committed to using REACH-certified materials, ensuring the absence of harmful dyes and colorants. By adhering to this rigorous standard, AURAK is firmly committed to protecting the environment and to preserving the well-being of its workers.

Our sensitivity to environmental and social issues has led us to translate our values into reality through our production process. This commitment is reflected in our partnership with Ateliers de l'Espoir. By supporting local employment and offering work opportunities to people with disabilities, we are actively participating in the construction of a more inclusive society.