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We take the greatest care in the making of our AURAK helmets. 70% hand-sewn, the manufacture of each AURAK helmet demonstrates exceptional know-how. At the heart of our approach: the selection of the best suppliers, to offer you a helmet at the cutting edge of technology, combining comfort, safety and design.

Selecting the best materials

We attach the utmost importance to the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of our helmets. That's why we have rigorously selected noble, durable materials, such as full-grain Italian leather, which provides strength, softness and a delicate feel, and Alcantara-style microfiber fabrics for the interior, ensuring maximum resistance to moisture. The vents on some helmets are made of metal with a brushed finish, copper, rose gold... and are installed by hand.

Each element is chosen for its quality and comfort, in keeping with our commitment to our customers and our planet.

High Standards and Respect for the Environment

At Aurak, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and the health of our workers. That's why most of our materials are REACH-certified, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances. By adhering to this particularly strict standard, we are actively committed to preserving the environment and respecting the health of our workers.

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Innovation and safety

Aurak is constantly challenging the limits of innovation to guarantee the maximum safety of our helmets. Drawing on our long experience in the motorcycle industry and our know-how, we go beyond standard tests, using a 2mm ABS shell on the top and 2.5mm on the sides, and increasing the thickness of EPS.
Our helmets are reinforced with high-quality materials, offering optimum protection while remaining compact and lightweight. Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies and expertise, we can offer you unmatched safety, whether on the slopes or on horseback.
We've also brought a motorcycle innovation to the equestrian world by adding a world-unique feature: a guilloche-engraved steel reinforcement to protect the rider's occipital bone.

At Aurak, our expertise goes beyond mere quality standards. It's a commitment to excellence and respect for our customers, our workers and our planet, so that you can experience an exceptional moment.